KwikAir® Perforated Bubble Cushion Wrap Roll 225 Feet x 12" LARGE 1/2 Inch Bubbles Perforated Every 10" KA-BW1210-225

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KwikAir Perforated Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll 225Feet x 12"
Large 1/2 Inch Bubbles Perforated Every 10"


LISTING INCLUDES: 3 Rolls of KwikAir® Bubble Cushion Wrap (1" Bubble Size & 1/2" Thickness) - (Roll is 12" wide x 225' total length and Perforated every 10") USA MADE

  • ITEM: The KwikAir® Bubble Cushion Wrap Roll is made of a proprietary HDPE-Blend material and is proven to be 5X STRONGER than conventional original bubble wrap found anywhere. Even better - our bubbles DO NOT pop!! This product acts as added protection and cushioning by cradling your products and absorbing any shock, vibration, scratches, and dings. Pre-Filled with air to 2/3's (per manufacture recommendations) - the tighter you wrap it around the object - the bubbles and the bubble channel become denser. Also great for void fill, not just wrapping!
  • PERFECT FOR STORAGE, MOVING & SHIPPING: Protection for your fragile/delicate items such as dishes, collectibles, glass. It could also be used for wrapping furniture edges (corners & legs) to prevent scratches during moving/shipping. Safe for protecting electronics and small appliances as well. Pre-Filled with air to 2/3's (per manufacture recommendations) - the tighter you wrap it, the bubbles and the bubble channel become denser. Also great for void fill, not just wrapping!!
  • PERFORATED EVERY 10" INCHES: No Scissors Needed! Pre Easy Cross-Cut Tear will allow convenience and flexibility to complete your job faster.
  • REUSABLE PACKING MATERIAL: These Air-Tight bubbles are the perfect size for all types of products such as plates, dishes china, and cups. Plus, they are easy to store and reuse at any time.

This will be shipped in 2 individual logs, each with its own tracking number.

PLEASE NOTE: If you ordered bubble cushion wrap, please make arrangements with your USPS Postal Carrier. The Carrier will need a secure enclosed location where they can deliver because the package is very light and can blow away in the slightest breeze. USPS will also hold an item like this for pick-up. Just see your Post Master for how to request this. If you do not make arrangements with your carrier and no secure location is available for delivery, your carrier may leave your items unsecured (this product will blow away in a 1 m.p.h. breeze) or might leave a notice for you to pick your items up at the Post Office. If you find it difficult to make or meet these arrangements and have changed your mind about the purchase, please let us know.

Additionally, we will not be responsible for any USPS carrier delays receiving your package as a result of COVID. As we are told from our POSTMASTER - "It does not matter what eBay states as your estimated delivery date or what they state the tracking events are. eBay's estimated delivery dates and tracking events are not real-time connected to the USPS." If any delays arise within the USPS system that causes your package to be late, please contact us through eBay messenger so we can assist you in opening an internal investigation with the USPS to locate your package. If the package is deemed lost by the USPS carrier, after their investigation is complete we will issue a 100% refund to you or offer to send a replacement at no cost to you. To provide more options to our customers - We are now starting to offer other shipping services that are guaranteed. It is your decision to use the free ground shipping (not guaranteed) or if you want to pay for a guaranteed shipping service. 

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