Womens Handbag and Purse Stuffing Fill Sheets Material Perforated, 80 Foot Roll, 5/16 inch Bubble

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Air Lasts Forever!

(1) 80-foot roll can stuff more than 10 large purses! Each sheet in the roll is 14 inches wide and perforated at every 10 inches. So you can tear off exactly how much you need to fill.

Keep your handbag looking new by stuffing them with air-filled material. This material is non-porous, fragrance-free, and lasts forever.

It is important to keep your handbag in shape when not in use. To do that, some have turned to stuff the inside of their handbags with magazines or old clothing. What most fail to understand is that not all materials are suitable to be used as a bag stuffer. Material such as towels, newspapers,s and used clothing is not recommended for long-term use as the color may run, moisture is absorbed, and could damage the interior of the handbag.

If your cupboard looks like the photo, your handbags will damage over time if they are stored without any bag stuffer. Over time, the leather will collapse onto itself, crinkle and fold in areas and eventually fall apart. Start filling your stuff with this product today!!

Condition is "New”, never used, 

Please note: Actual purses used as props in the images are not included.

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